Accounting resume examples

If you are looking for accountant position or you are already senior or higher specialist, it really important to target your accountant resume template to win the competition. Do you know why? We hope you do. Because accountant is really broad and vague position. You should help your reader to understand what specialization do you have and whether it could be useful. Provide hiring manager with some more details on who you are and which field you worked with: banks, taxes, employment or some other specialization. Target your resume according to your experience. It’s really important if you want to land the job!

If you don’t have much relevant experience in your sample accounting resume, don’t let down! Let’s try to target your resume, according to the announced position. Target – doesnt mean to be 100% relevant. It means – to show hiring manager that you could cope with this job and prove him or her that you have got enough work experience to manage yourself or people around you.

What should you pay attention, writing your accountant resume:

First of all, your main goal now is to get a call from the recruiter, so you should let him believe that you are the person they are looking for at the moment. Show that you are not only talk, but successfully do what you planned.

1. What are you main achievements for the last 5 years.

2. Your degree, certificates (show that you are in trend and didn’t stop learn more)

3. In few words provide your reader with some information about the desirable position you’d like to obtain

Here are some accounting resume templates:

accounting resume example accounting resume examples accounting resume examples accounting resume examples


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